While young, I saw myself as a future writer. All my life, others have seen me as an intuitive person they can turn to for helpful insight. Ignorant of my innate intuitive abilities and turning away from creative writing, I immersed myself into corporate management in Fortune-ranked companies, married life and motherhood. It was a life I embrace with happy pursuit. When it crumbled, change happened head-spinningly fast.

In the aftermath of reset, the intuitive nature of me was the first to get my attention. Accepting that I was skilled with multiple cognitive abilities ridiculous multi-year battle between the unseen layers of life and the futility of my human skepticism. The me that was didn’t win.

Three major rips occurred in that fabric of living a ‘normal’ life. (1) The journey into intuitive acceptance gave me a working knowledge of living life in the alchemy of vibration and frequencies that form, dictate and direct manifestations into reality, and how to course correct if necessary. (2) A painstakingly long redirection of my corporate-business-mind into becoming a creative Storyteller was wrought with more internal argument, bad writing I thought was amazing, and – finally, and fortunately – willingness to persevere into better. I highly recommend every Writer write a few screenplays, then work with a seasoned script doctor. Ouch!

(3) Art. Actually, I’m going to have to get back to you on this part of me. A little more than two decades ago, I picked up my grown children’s discarded art supplies and some sort of ‘flow’ began. I like it, yet it aside for lengths of time. Recently, art has become a big deal for me. I’m simply not sure of the what, why, when, and where of it all – yet.

In all the experience of my life, what I do has culminated in being an Author and Storyteller, Artist, Intuitive Mentor and Producer. Well, the producer part is up and coming – an adventure the pandemic placed into a holding pattern – for the moment.

I look forward to the still-unfolding adventure of me, and sharing what comes from within to keyboard to post as it arrives. Thank you for joining me and linking the world with the connection of light.

Ruth Evelyn


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Ruth Evelyn

Hanging out in the unseen lanes, following threads and revealing what’s hidden…through stories, poetry and fun stuff!