Two. Zero. Twenty-Two. Six

Ruth Evelyn
3 min readJan 1, 2022


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When One ruled the world
Two was a dream.
Now that Two is the governance,
One is a thing.

From one-thousand to nineteen-ninety-nine,
our ignorance was just fine
with calls of soulmate,
and everything straight.

Then came the Two’s
we separated views.
The divide grew and grew.
The lies spew and spew.

Me here. You there.
Appalled to see where
you would stand in a day.
Come to you? No way.

The Two’s are just humoring
at the lies we keep rumoring.
For Two is relating –
it’s the end of berating.

Who do you care?
Who do you love?
Who will fare?
Who gets the shove?

Where am “I”?
(groan and a sigh)
My love’s about you.
Nope. Not with a Two.

Two. Zero. Twenty-Two. Six.
Relationship. Wholeness. Mastery tricks.
The reign and rule of life in Balance.
It’s inside outside twists of talents.

Isn’t relating of Two
just about Me and You?
Alas, Two followed by Zero,
You are your own hero.

The wholeness of you,
the Self of your all.
A relationship coup.
It’s befriend or fall.

Matched in Twenty-Two,
the Master in you
is a must to emerge
or be stuck in the verge.

Governed by Six,
it’s pick-up sticks.
Pendulum left. Pendulum right.
Center it is. Hang on tight.

Two. Zero. Twenty-Two. Six.
A Relationship, Wholeness, Mastery fix.
A veritable relatable dance of finesse.
On top of it all, Balance the mess!

Gordon Johnson on Pixabay

My Dear Friends,

When we look at the world through the eyes of numerology, we can find easier understanding of our chaotic divides.

Two is the number reigning over humanity for the past 21 years — AND next 979 years. It’s all about Relationship. First with Self, then with the world outside. The energy of Two is taking a gentle, but firm stance over humanity, squeezing for us to let go of old beliefs and patterns that keep us from loving ourselves first, then others. Resistance creates chaos. Ultimately, resistance is futile.

Zero is about Wholeness. For the past eleven years and the next nine, the energy of numerology (on a calendar of time adopted throughout humanity) acts like an umbrella over our individual and collective heads, pressing us into creating that better relationship with our selves and our relationship with the Whole of us — individually and collectively.

Twenty-Two — the year we step into today — is about mastery of Relationship — on all counts. Whether one is paying attention to energy fields, personal self-mastery or none-of-the-above, you/they are affected.

Six. 2022. Two + Zero + Twenty-Two = 24. In numerology, all master numbers (double-, triple-, quadruple-, etc. digits) remain intact. All other numbers are added together until a single digit overall number is reached. For this year, add the final (24) 2+4=6. Six, with its governing energy of Balance, basically wraps itself around this year as a helpful day and night support system in benefit of becoming friends with your Self and the world outside you.

For those already focused on being You with acceptance of our diverse and changing world, the 2022 energies will support your endeavor.

For those in resistance to loving themselves and their fellow humanity, 2022 will offer many opportunities for balancing relationship and wholeness success.

Deep breath, Everyone. Here we go!



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